Dog Beach Etiquette


Headed to the dog beach? A conversation about dog beach etiquette with Paul Fehrenbacher, co-founder Mutt Jackson and Board Member of Mondog,  Montrose Dog Beach on the national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show.

  1. Insure your dog is microchipped and registered with the microchip provider.
  2. Pay attention to your dog – not your phone – and Fehrenbacher explains why it’s not only about your dog.
  3. Understand some dogs can’t swim. Life vests for dogs are indeed a great idea.
  4. Make sure your dog doesn’t overheat, particularly true for  brachycephalic breeds – like Pugs, Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, etc.
  5. Bring your own water, so it’s less likely a dog will drink lake or ocean water. Fresh lake water can contain leptospirosis a bacteria which can cause illness (prevent this with vaccination), and salt water can make dogs ill if they are so desperate to drink it and enough of it.
  6. Is your dog swimming in the wrong direction? It doesn’t happen often but it does happen and no dog can swim forever.
  7.  Swimming is great low impact exercise, and running on the beach – not low impact – is also great exercise. However, don’t overdo it, as Dr. RuthAnn Lobos explains in this Steve Dale Petcast.