Dog Bite Prevention and Adding a New Dog into a Home


Alicia Obando

Alicia Obando , founder of Pitter Patter Parenting discusses dog bite prevention HERE on WGN radio Steve Dale’s Pet World, it’s true that most dog bites can be prevented.  Most dog bites do happen to children, and children the dog knows, and Obando explains why. Mostly, these aren’t “bad dogs.”  These are dogs which parents and/or children aren’t appropriately understanding.

Considering how many serious dog bites we have, dogs are incredibly tolerant. Obando points one example is how dogs deal with hugging. Your average human two-year old is hard-wired to hug, some dogs – particularly dogs who don’t know the child who is hugging – might not appreciate or understand that the child means affection.

Obando explains how to ask dogs if they want to be petted. Yes, ask the guardian at the other end of the leash but also ask the dog.

Pitter Patter Parenting also offers grief support after the dog passes over the Rainbow Bridge.

Adding a Dog into a Home

Dr. Marsha Reich

On WGN Radio HEAR Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Marsha Reich, contributor to Decoding Your Dog discussing how to integrate a new dog into a home with other dogs.

Dr. Reich notes that not all adult dogs love to have a puppy brought into a home. Give the adult dog a place to get away from the rambunctious puppy. Dr. Reich offers her views on allowing the dogs not getting along to “just work it out.”  Dr. Reich also offers tips to set up dogs for success. For example, offer an abundance of resources.

Mayor Hound Dog and Cats Under the Car Hood

Tony Orlando must have wanted folks to keep cats indoors, and here’s why he wants you to knock three times; why you should do the same on your car hood in the morning.

Here’s a candidate with integrity, the new Mayor of Middleton, CO is a Basset Hound.