Dog Bite Prevention: Victoria Stilwell and AVMA President Dr. Jose Arce


with Victoria Stilwell

From the national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show, an always interesting conversation with certified animal behavior consultant and TV host Victoria Stilwell and American Veterinary Medical Association President Dr. Jose Arce.

This all occurs ahead of the free to join Facebook Live a dog bite prevention discussion I moderate April 11, 1:30 p.m. CT , hosted by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Guests are Stilwell;  Dr. Arce; veterinary behaviorist of University of California, Davis Dr. Melissa Bain; Amber Batteiger, disaster and cruelty response specialist American Humane Association; Heather Paul, public affairs specialist State Farm Insurance and Janet Ruiz, director of strategic communication Insurance Information Institute.

Stilwell and I talk about the unique notion of consent – and how that will reduce the number of dog bites, IF the messaging about this idea is accepted by pet parents. We explain what consent is.  “Consent takes dog bite prevention to a whole new level,” Stilwell says.

Dogs are always asking us questions, maybe it’s about time we ask them.

Dr. Arce, speaking from Abu Dhabi, notes that a dog who happens to be in pain is more likely to bite. And he agrees that most dog bites can, in fact, many times be prevented.  We talk about how twice annual veterinary benefits are not only beneficial for dog health, potentially even for pet parents’ pocketbooks, but also may prevent dog bites. The number of bites hasn’t increased compared to the number of dogs (now a record number).

Dr. Arce

Batteiger of the American Humane Association will offer tips specific to children, as well as a free resource. Also, what do you do if you happen to come across a stray dog?

State Farm Insurance insures all breeds and mixes – even those who are defined as pit bulls (in reality most of these are merely mixed breed dogs). While any dog can bite, does breed really matter?

Register via Facebook HERE for the free online event, Working Together to Prevent Dog Bites. And viewers will also have the opportunity to interact with the panelists.