Dog Falls 16-Stories and Lives to Bark About It


Perhaps, you’ve heard of cats with 9-lives, falling from high building and surviving – but how about dogs?

Susie, a 4-year-old Multipoo survived a near 16 story fall on Saturday, June 14 . In fact, what’s more amazing is that Susie suffered no serious internal injuries or broken bones.

The incident happened when the dog and her owner Elaine Caralis were visiting a neighbor’s home on the 16th floor of a Fort Lauderdale high-rise apartment building. After entering the apartment, Susie got hold of a scent that led her to an open closet. The dog simply walked into the closet and managed to find an open ventilation panel which she stepping into. Susie then tumbled nearly 16 floors down the shaft.

Fearing the worst, a worried 68-year-old Elaine Caralis called the emergency responders from the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue who arrived within minutes.

According to Timothy Heiser of Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue, the responders had to “cut holes above and below the second floor to try to get (to her).” The fire crew tried for hours before finally being able to reach the dog.

As soon as emergency responders managed to free Susie, she was rushed in an ambulance to the Oakland Park Animal Hospital. When emergency veterinarian Dr. Spencer L. Ratnoff heard bout the incident, he was expecting a grievously injured dog with multiple fractures and severe internal injuries. He was even worried that the dog would have to be euthanized. Happily that wasn’t the case – as Susie somehow escaped serious injury. She was bruised – that’s all. Can you imagine?

This is the time of year to worry about dogs falling off porches and balconies. I love a product called Puppy Bumpers – a collar worm particular by smaller dogs so they can’t slip between the spaces of the wood or wrought iron on balconies.

People think cats can fall from great heights – like 16 stories – and because they right themselves, and land on their feel that they will be fine. Unfortunately, that’s not typically true. And falling from great heights occurs so much in cats, it has a name – high rise syndrome. First, not all cats are able to land on their feet (notably our overweight or obese cats). Even if the cats do manage to land on their feet, due to gravity their heads keep moving. Cats often suffer broken jaws when falling from great heights, and as well broken bones in their legs and often various internal injuries. People say, “Well, my cat won’t fall because he knows he’s up high.” That may hold true, until a tempting butterfly or bird goes by – cats who live in the moment without rationalizing, merely leap and the story from there doesn’t always end happily.

Keep cats off balcony’s, unless an adult is hold a leash on the other end, or the cat is inside a carrier.