Dog Finds Lost Engagement Ring and Wedding Band


Lesson learned might be don’t panic when you see a beetle. Elsa Green did panic, though, when a big beetle was crawling across a baseball cap; she swiped it off swiftly. The bug flew off. And with that her diamond engagement ring and wedding band flew off her finger on to the beach she was at in Eagle River, MI.

With her friends and her son, they tried in vain to find the valued rings in the sand.

Since there was no cellphone service at the beach, one of Green’s friends, Colleen Parks, drove a half-mile to the sheriff’s office in Eagle River to see if they had another metal detector and could help.

Sgt. Brad Pelli of the Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Office was working at the front desk that morning when Parks walked in. He didn’t have a metal detector, but he did have Dogo, a 5-year old Dutch Shepherd. Dogo’s detection dog job is to find stolen firearms or illegal drugs. Still, why not a wedding ring? Pelli thought it may be worth a try.

Last summer, while swimming in Lake Superior, Pelli lost his own wedding ring and went back the next morning with a friend who had an underwater metal detector to locate it, so he had a special understanding of what Green was going through.

Dogo was given a “search” command, he sniffed around a 30-square-foot area for a few minutes before plopping down in the sand, As easy as that the pup found the diamond ring.

Pelli went back to the same location and with Dogo’s help and a bit of sifting through the sand found the wedding band.

This search dog has clearly generalized, and learned to find anything with a human scent. At home, would be great, maybe Dogo can also find Pelli’s keys or TV remote.