Dog Flu Closes Chicago Shelters for Adoption


There are people who insist the dog flu is gone, that it’s all media hype.

Apparently, then the Anti Cruelty is only using hype to describe how the flu has infiltrated the shelter. Chicago Animal Care and Control is dealing with the flu, and the flu has infected every single dog at the Humane Society Calumet, Indiana (southeast of Chicago), where one dog even died as a result of the bug.

Anti Cruelty and Humane Society of Calumet are currently closed for dog adoptions (cats are available, of course).

This strain of flu (H3N2), which hit Chicago last year and is now sweeping the nation.

While the flu does get the upper leg in an enclosed shelter, given the opportunity to spread fast, it does just that. “You bet if it’s in the shelters, it’s in the community,” Cook County veterinarian Dr. Donna Alexander confirms, “The dog flu hasn’t gone away.” She adds that the good news is that vaccine protection is now available specifically for this strain.

Anti Cruelty Society points out that treating so many dogs wasn’t budgeted for….and your help would be appreciated.

Here are some of your questions about the dog flu answered.