Dog Flu Education Events


A couple of points regarding the H3N2 strain of dog flu (canine influenza virus) which first appeared in the U.S. last year (2015), and spread throughout much of the country over just a few months:

  • H3N2 has not gone away, it still lingers in some places and in others (Chicago as the most known example) is truly is a problem that continues to be grappled with. In fact, H3N2 may be now forever entrenched in Chicago, and if that is the case, the only answer going forward to insure protection is the vaccine.  In Central Illinois, there was recently an outbreak. 
  • As travel season heats up – right about now…people either take dogs with them, and some dogs may carry the virus without their families knowing it…..Or they board their dogs in kennels where exposure may be very high. In any case, over the next week or months there may be a significant increase in dog flu – again the best prevention is vaccination.

Merck Animal Health has launched the multi-city If This Dog Could Talk tour to raise regarding the dog flu. Last year, about half the country was affected.

In each city, the Dogist, photographer Elias Weiss Friedman appears with a veterinarian.

First up, Chicago Saturday, July 23 8 a.m. to noon meet Dr Natalie Marks and Friedman at Lakeshore Park East, 450 E. Benton Place in Chicago (a beautiful park hidden away near downtown). It’s a free event to teach people more about the dog flu, and also perhaps have your dog’s photo taken by the renown Dogist. I will pop in at some point to say ‘hi.’

Learn more about the Dogist If this Dog Could Talk tour.