Dog Flu Encore Appearance in Arkansas


It’s not like the dog flu (strain H3N2) hasn’t previously appeared in Arkansas, it has. Now, it’s back, at least in Washington, AR. Several dogs have reported severe respiratory illness over the past couple of weeks. How bad it is? How bad will it get? Well, that depends on how many dogs are vaccinated or will be vaccinated, and a matter of luck (or bad luck) to some degree.

According to Dr, Melissa Yates, interim State Veterinarian Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission, in a letter from the Commission on June 21, “The most important step is to vaccinate against the canine influenza virus.”

Meanwhile, the dog flu continues to hit New York City, and elsewhere around the country.

June 20 (2018) was a national howliday, National Dog Flu Day.  That means – in some places veterinarians were offering the dog flu vaccine at a lower cost, and some still are.  Contact your veterinarian, or check out this dog flu site.

There’s no CDC for pets, so no one knows how many dogs have been sickened by dog flu, specifically the H3N2 strain which first hit the U.S. in Chicago in 2015. Thousands were sickened in Chicago alone, and more than the same number in various outbreaks since then across the country. Where will the canine influenza virus land next? It’s anyone’s guess. Who would have chosen Washington, AK?