Dog Flu Hasn't Gone Anywhere, Protect Your Dog


Dr. Natalie Marks’ practice, Blum Animal Hospital, was at Ground Zero of the dog flu last year. Listen HERE as Dr. Marks answers questions about the dog flu on WGN Radio.

Dr. Natalie Marks

Dr. Natalie Marks

Dr. Marks tells the story about how the dog flu overwhelmed Chicago and was identified as a canine influenza virus from South Korea, never previously seen in the U.S. (called H3N2).

Interestingly, she talks about how people can actually transfer the flu to their own dog by petting or being exposed to another dog who happens to be carrying the dog flu.

One listener says, ‘But Dr. Marks it’s only the flu.” And Dr. Marks answers that. And she answers many other listener questions regarding the flu. For example, ‘how many days/weeks is my dog still contagious after being diagnosed?’

So, how do you protect your dog? The good news, quite incredible really, very quickly a vaccine specifically for H3N2 has recently come out. Marks endorses the vaccine for many dogs and explains why.