Dog Friendly Hotels, Kimpton Is Top Dog


Question and Answer from this week’s Q & A column:

Q: I saw online that Cesar Millan is now
representing the Best Western hotels, and he’s blogging about traveling with

Cesar Millan

I am surprised because the Best Westerns we’ve researched don’t even
allow animals, so what’s the deal? And what’s the deal with using Millan, if
most dog owners listened to you or their dog experts, they’d then stay anywhere
but Best Western. While I’m at it, what hotels do you like which are pet
friendly.  B. D., Cyberspace

I contacted Best Western, and I am told they have more than 1,600 pet-friendly
properties worldwide (out of more than 4,000 total hotels). Some even offer
canine clientele a gift doggie bag at check in. Some properties do charge extra
for canine guests (so much for that doggie bag).

for Best Western’s choice of Millan, what can I say? You are right, most
professionals (though decidedly not all) have expressed serious concerns about
Millan’s punitive techniques for years – me included.

a Best Western spokesperson could muster, “Mr. Millan is a highly respected
expert in his field and a valued Best Western partner.”


As  for my favorite pet-friendly accommodations, consider a Kimpton Hotel.  We rarely travel with our pets – so I
don’t know this from personal experience, but everyone who I’ve spoken to who
has stayed at a Kimpton property with an animal says expectations are
consistently exceeded. Instead of animals being tolerated, they are celebrated.
There’s no extra fee or deposit or weight limit for the pet.

At a Klimpton Hotel, if you don’t walk in the door with a pet; you can ask for a loaner

There’s even a
welcoming board to recognize each pet by name (for those pets who can read).
And best of all, if you don’t happen to be traveling with a pet, the staff will
give you one – a betta fish. I’ve shared my room with many a fish at Kimpton

Hotels, La Quinta Inns, Red Roof Inns, W Hotels, Sheraton Inns and Resorts, and
Westin Hotels and Resorts all allow pets; and if you have a small dog so do
Four Seasons Hotels.

            Here’s a great website,, which lists pet friendly hotels with links.

            I strongly advise to never depend on corporate policy. If
you plan on staying overnight with a pet, be absolutely certain in advance that
your pet is welcome, and ask for a FAX or email so you may document what you were
told. Also, ask about any extra “pet fees” in advance.

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