Dog Poop: The Land Mines Are Everywhere


Dog poop is everywhere. Warning! There are little land mines strewn all around.  Sunday (April 6), 6:35AM (CDT) on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio listen at 720AM or here. Linda Zager and Brett Burke of the River North Residents Association Pet Owner’s Committee talk about what they’re doing to keep their neighborhood cleaner.

Vikki Ortiz Healey wrote an excellent feature in the Chicago Tribune, called “Stepping carefully into Spring after snow retreats” and she was perfectly on target. I think somehow people believe that when the snow disappears, the poop melts too. Of course, it does not.

First, it’s all very annoying to dog owner and especially for non-dog owners; I agree it’s not fair for anyone to step “in it” all the time.

While there’s no need to panic, it’s still possible for the poo to transmit disease to people and to pets, as well as getting into the water table. None of that issue is likely – at least not yet – to be anywhere near the amount of dog poo for us to be concerned about drinking water safety, but still – why don’t people just pick up?

And dog poo doesn’t necessarily beautify our city, unless your sensibilities are quite skewed. – or is it appetizing – unless you are a rat. Speaking of which retired Chicago Alderman Burt Nataris famously used to say,”Dog poop is foie gras for rats.” Well, that isn’t exactly true, rats will eat just about anything – including dog poop, though it is not their first menu choice.

It’s been suggested that dogs who live in certain areas are DNA tested….Then if poop is found, experts can determine the guilty dog. Do we really need to go that far?