Why Does My Dog Scratch So Much?


“Ahh-Choo,” it’s allergy season. We sneeze, our dogs scratch. On my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show, I speak HERE with veterinary dermatologist Dr. Ursula Thomas about allergies in our dogs. It obviously can affect the quality of life of the affected dog, but also human family members kept awake because of overnight scratching.

Dr. Ursula Thomas

One of the most common causes of itching is flea allergy dermatitis. This allergy is totally preventable. If you happen to see a few fleas indoors, it’s the tip of iceberg. And when there are fleas indoors, people are susceptible to tapeworms and other illnesses as a result.

We talk a bit about choosing the right flea product to protect your dog, and what not to do (randomly choosing a product over-the-counter). One flea product we talk about, Vectra 3D, which protects against fleas, many tick species and also repels mosquitoes (which may carry potentially deadly heartworm disease to dogs). Vectra 3D with usual heartworm protection is a double-defense against heartworm. Vectra 3D also prevents biting flies, mites and lice as a bonus.

Of course, it’s possible your dog may be allergic to something in the air, just as we may be. Food allergies, while possible, are actually somewhat rare.