Dog Training and Veterinary Behaviorist Describes Her Personal Journey


Bradley Phifer, Director of Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers , explains what this organization is and what to look for if you happen to be sniffing out a dog trainer. Unfortunately, dog training is not a licensed profession, and some trainers use methods that can do more harm than good. That’s why demonstrating competence in the field is so important. A dog trainer using punitive methods won’t likely hold credentials, but always a good idea to get a recommendation for the trainer you choose from someone you trust. Phifer also explains an initiative, Alliance for Professionalism in Dog Training. 

Personal Journey from a Veterinary Behaviorist

Going deep on all sorts of topics with Dr. Lisa Radosta, including her own story – as she has a dog suffering from cancer. She explains her journey with her Labrador Retriever named Maverick and points out what you can learn from her experiences. No different than other pet parents, Dr. Radosta explains her personal emotional roller coaster.  How anxiety is related to serious medical issues and may prompt undesirable behavior issues.

Behavior isn’t taught at many vet schools, or much behavior isn’t taught, and still behavior remains the number one cause of death in dogs (and cats). Solving – or better – preventing problems – saves lives.

Please don’t tie-out or tether your dog while you go inside a store or restaurant.