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Timing is everything, as a group of dog trainers, veterinary behaviorists and myself managed to turn away so-called dog trainer Jeff Gelman from a training facility in Bartlett, just outside Chicago. Gelman found another venue and snuck into town to teach techniques which by viewing his own videos it’s clear that Rhode Island-based dog trainer is abusive. He proudly uses force training from shock or e-collars to throwing a rolled up towel at unsuspecting dogs. 

Dawn Antoniak-Mithell

I’ve been clear that I believe this IS animal abuse not dog training, and it turns out trainer Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell agrees, though she trains what she calls “power dogs,” large and strong Mastiff breeds, Great Danes, American Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Dobermans and pit bull-type dogs among many others. Listen HERE for my WGN Radio conversation with Antoniiak-Mitchell on Steve Dale’s Pet World.

Antoniak-Michell’s book is called Empowerment Training for Your Power Dog.

She says it’s a balance as I talk about regarding dog trainer and applied ethologist Kim Brophey. On one paw training these power dogs may be admittedly somewhat different than training a Toy Poodle, for example. But that doesn’t mean you need to use force or demonstrate dominance. In fact, she says, by doing so you’ll very likely do more harm than good.

How to Training these Power Dogs, What About Shock Collars?

So, what does Antoniak-Mitchell think about Petco banning e-collars or shock collars? 

Can positive reinforcement really work with large power dogs like the Cane Corso or Tibetan Mastiff or Kuvasz?

This interview with Antonika-Mitchell is a follow up to an earlier discussion with dog trainer Stephen Frost and veterinary behaviorist Dr. Fia Jokela about how and why training methods matter.

Diabetes in Cats

No wonder, diabetes in an epidemic in cats as 60 percent of cats are overweight or obese. What do you about kitty to encourage to lose those extra pounds?

I talk HERE with feline veterinarian Dr. Susan Little, past president of the Winn Feline Foundation and American Association of Feline Practitioners. November is National Diabetes Month, and the Winn Feline Foundation is raising money to support studies for diabetes in their Cures4Cats campaign.

Learn More Here About Solving Kidney Disease in Cats

Two new tests to detect/predict early kidney disease in cats:




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