Dog Training in a Pandemic


“Challenging but it’s working out very well,” is how dog trainer Wendy DeCarlo told me about training dogs during the pandemic; Listen HERE on my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show.

From the start of the pandemic, people fostered and adopted dogs of all ages, including so many puppies. DeCarlo says that lots of her clients figured out how to creatively socialize their pups.

It was challenging back when people thought they could give COVID-19 to dogs or get COVID by petting dogs – but that concern didn’t last long, and proves to be absolutely untrue.

DeCarlo says having a traditional six-foot leash, social distancing is easy enough (if people are on either end of two leashes, that’s 12-feet apart). Also, she had her clients do confidence building exercises with their puppies, and explains what that means.

Today – in phase 4, DeCarlo talks about dog training and how it can be done in the Chicago area safely.

We also chat about what to look for and what to watch out for in puppy classes. What’s best?

We also discuss training dogs, and why positive reinforcement is by far the best option for dogs to learn, and the most humane choice.

We also talk about the most important “command” or cue that can teach any dog.

DeCarlo is confident we can potentially teach our dogs to put away their toys…..Geez, that would be better than my wife can train me.

New Test for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Count on my show for this exciting announcement: A new test for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in dogs. Listen HERE to Dr. Jen Ogeer, vice president medical affairs and commercial marketing at Antech, the diagnostic company. She explains how and all new, non-invasive simple blood test – and therefore pretty inexpensive – can help to diagnose IBD. After all, dogs throw up and have loose stools for many reasons, and IBD has not been previously easy to diagnose; that’s now changed.  This is a big deal.

Baby, It’s Hot Outside – and Your Dog Feels Hotter

Simply put, if you are hot – your dog is hotter. Also, additional tips on keeps dogs safe in hot weather.