Dog Training Symposium – First of It's Kind, Cesar Millan and American Humane Convene the Event


Let me begin by saying ‘yes’ I do have something to do with this dog training symposium, to include Cesar Millan as well as many who historically disagree with his methods, a symposium sponsored by American Humane with Cesar Millan – also hopefully a who’s who in animal behavior and dog training.

Many emails asking me for details, and I’m simply sending everyone here, to my blog for the story….

American Humane has expressed concern for a very long time about the methods sometimes used by Cesar. I’m on American Humane’s Board, and absolutely agree with our historical position. This is no secret. Every legitimate behavior group I know feels pretty much the same, and they say so!

Recently, Millan’s production team invited American Humane to their offices. I was one of three representatives from American Humane to attend this meeting. The meeting was friendly. Millan’s camp expressed enthusiasm concerning all our ideas, including the symposium, to bring expert trainers and behaviorists from around America, all to be in the same place at the same time. I’m not sure this has ever happened before, ever!

Maybe this will help some of you to understand where I’m coming from – – –

Let me begin by saying, I have not overnight changed my personal views concerning Millan’s techniques on TV.  Still, there’s actually a great deal most (maybe all) of these respected organizations – including
American Humane – agree with Millan about. For example, our dogs are
under-exercised. American Humane and Millan are both strongly against
breed bans. Personally, I also admire Millan for taking a stand on these and other issues. And I appreciate his position on mandatory spay/neuter for example. Spay/neuter is a very good thing, but you can’t mandate cultural change, you do that through education.

I practice what I preach, supporting positive behavior and
communication. You  can’t move forward, in my opinion, without a

Let’s give props to what Millan has done. He’s brought attention to dog
behavior problems, with a message that these issues are ‘fixable.’
Also, who can’t argue with the tremendous work he and his wife, Ilusion,
are doing with their Foundation, working with school kids, etc.

American Humane has a very long history of creating coalitions,
brokering in a Jimmy Carter and Henry Kissinger fashion to better
children and animal welfare.
American Humane is committed to collaborating with organizations on
initiatives that strive to ensure that pet owners receive accurate
information and messages about what constitutes effective training and
appropriate treatment of all animals, including the companion animals
that are so much a vital part of our modern American families.

Feel free to continue to let me know what you think. I welcome you to post here. All I want to do, and I believe I can speak for
American Humane on this…All we want to do, continue to find ways to
move forward to improve animal welfare, increase adoptions, lessen
relinquishments and lessen behavior problems (a primarily reason for