Dogs Attack at a Birthday Party


Image two dogs identified as pit bulls running from nowhere, terrifying kids at a backyard birthday party. That’s exactly what happened on August 4 on Chicago’s South Side. And the result was the mauling of an innocent 6-year old boy, who remains in the hospital.

The adults at the party acted fast to stop it and hit the dogs with what they could find.

The dogs took off and  the boy was rushed to Comer Children’s hospital where he underwent plastic surgery. He is expected to physically recover.

The dogs’ owner has turned them into Chicago Animal Care and Control, where they are being tested for rabies (since they were not wearing rabies tags).

People are upset, using this as another example of a pit bull attack. Well, actually, it’s another example of reckless dog ownership.

Had the dogs (regardless of breed or mix of breeds) not been running around the neighborhood, this couldn’t have happened. Also, it’s likely that these dogs had previously gotten out (based on statistics). Also it’s likely neighbors have previously complained about the dogs, and authorities did nothing; or even worse people knew about these dogs potentially being dangerous but never registered a complaint.

Quite apparently these are aggressive dogs – but like most serious dog attacks, by questioning presumed breed (likely they are mixed breed dogs with a certain look which people tend to say is a ‘pit bull’) we are asking the wrong questions, which ultimately won’t deter future attacks. Absolutely, this owner should be held to the full extent of the law. I want to know why these dogs were roaming? And if it’s happened before (and likely it has), why weren’t the dogs’ owners fined at the time? If neighbors knew these dogs were aggressive, and sometimes got out, why didn’t they speak up? Yes, these two individual dogs are a problem. I am not defending the dogs. But by focusing on presumed breed we’re missing what really was the cause.