Dogs Poisoned at Crufts: Irish Setter Is Dead


Murder mysteries read like this….but this story isn’t fiction. Someone apparently poisoned an Irish Setter named Jagger at Crufts, one of the world’s largest dog shows, and perhaps six other dogs.

It’s thought that the trusting 3-year old dog ate tainted meat. No one really knows why, or what happened, at least not yet. What is known is that after returning home to Belgium from Crufts, in Birmingham, England, Jagger quickly became very ill and died.

Co-owner Jeremy Bott said he did not think the dog was targeted, but the culprit may have been acting on “a grudge against dogs or the Crufts show.” In recent years, a group in the UK have targeted the show, and pure bred dogs in general.

According to printed reports in the U.K., six other dogs are sickened at the dog show as well, but those dogs survived.

The owners of two Shetland sheepdogs also believe their animals were poisoned during the show at the NEC in Birmingham. And there are reports that a West Highland White Terrier, an Afghan Hound and a Shih Tzu were taken ill after the show, raising the possibility that one or more poisoners was at work on each of the four days of competition.

There are also claims that dogs have been poisoned in previous years.

Mr Bott’s wife, Dee Milligan-Bott, told BBC Radio 5 live: “I don’t believe in my heart of hearts that this was another competitor or anyone involved in the dog world. I can only imagine that it was a random act that somebody premeditated and wanted to cause total distress at the best dog show in the world.”

Bott added, “These dogs are like members of our family – they live in the house with us and a death like this is devastating. But we are not commercial breeders – these dogs are our passion and our hobby and we will continue to show them. We cannot let this put us off.” Jagger was not only a champion show dog, he also helped people by participating in animal assisted therapy.