Dogs Rescued from House of Horrors in Philadelphia Dog Fighting Bust


Bad news – Post Michael Vick (including all his community chats with Wayne Pacelle at HSUS), the impact has been a RISE in dog fighting in the City of Brotherly Love.

Dogs rescued from “House of Horrors” in dog fighting bust

Good news – After months of investigation, the Pennsylvania SPCA and Philadelphia
police may be dismantling one of the city’s largest dog-fighting rings.

Monday morning, April 11,authorities raided two Kensingon properties, after another late Sunday night (April 10) in South Philadelphia, according to

Officers served warrants in the 3000 block of Potter St. and in
the 2800 block of Boundinot St., where a woman was arrested and a
dozen dogs were rescued. Guns and narcotics were also found at the Boundinot address.

It’s rare for police to actually find a dogfight in progress – which is why sometimes why those charged manage to get off all together or have reduced sentences….However, this time around, just before midnight, police burst into a Grays Ferry home as a dog
fight was happening. Police called it “A house of horrors.”

Fifteen people were arrested. Among those caught, include some of Philadelphia’s most known dog fighters. Six dogs were also removed from the property.

No word yet on specific charges filed, or the fate of the dogs (except they will not be available for adoption).