Dogs Still Dying of Chinese Made Jerky Treats, Enough is Enough


Dogs are dying of chicken jerky treats from China. . . and they don’t need to be dying just because they’ve eaten a dog treat.  For at least well over a year, something’s been going with these Chinese made treats. Reportedly upwards of 400 dogs dead, likely twice as many or far more sickened.

While most dogs only wag their tails after chowing down chicken jerky, for far too many, it’s another story. This should not be acceptable.

The FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine is aware of  the problem, and has even visited China to determine exactly what that problem is. They can’t get to the bottom of it.

So, while there’s been some publicity (read my column), there’s been no recall or even suggested recall.  And those companies that make the treat – in some cases – even offer warnings on their websites, but continue selling what amounts products which might kill pets.

I suggest – simply stop buying chicken jerky treats made in China. Don’t take the chance with your best friend. As an alternative there are a very small handfull of chicken jerky treats made here. Still, don’t always trust packaging – though an alternative is one of the few products  made in the USA, and made this video or simply buy one of a zillion other types of treats.