Don't Bully My Breed


Pit Bulls have a bad rap, here’s an example of why. And this time, it’s the ‘pet expert’s’ fault. TV Anchor Allison Payne is just like most people, bombarded with fallacies. Most anchors don’t bother, but to her credit she did some homework, and Allison was apparently misinformed by a trusted source. I do not blame Allison (who clearly loves dogs), and certainly the folks from Don’t Bully My Breed did their best. And by the way, no dog has a locking jaw (I believe crocodiles do, however) and while some Pitties may be aggressive with other dogs, many are clearly not. 

Personal Post Script: Of course, I wish WGN would have contacted a different pet expert. I’m available. To be clear what my point is – I defend Allison since so many are attacking her on this issue. I am a fan of the Noon News and grateful for all the dogs (and cats) they’ve found homes for, Allison and the producers have their hearts in the right place and were simply misinformed. Meanwhile, I bet the dog on set was adopted and this great non-profit received some great PR.