Don’t Stop Now: Tick Protection for Dogs


Those pesky parasites don’t disappear as we head into the fall ….in fact, fall is when some tick diseases – particularly Lyme – are most often diagnosed in dogs. A conversation here from the national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show with veterinary parasitologist Dr. Kathryn Duncan.

If your dog does have a tick or ticks – don’t use a match or Vaseline to remove. She explains the proper way to do that. Tick disease certainly occurs in forested areas, but also in the city far more than some might think.

Dr. Duncan talks about protection, like Bravecto – which extends to 12 weeks in duration. What we know is that compliance is an issue, one that can be defeated by using a product which lasts about three months before the next application is needed.

Also discussed are fleas. And how to choose flea/tick products in the first place.