Donward Dog and Dating for Dog Lovers, Saturday Morning Steve Dale's Pet World, WLS Radio


Kari Harendorf and her downward dog partner, Charlie

When Kari Harenforf does downward facing dog – she means it literally….So, what can you do with your dog (or with you) who may not relish going out in the snow and the cold. Why dogya (that’s yoga for dogs), of course. Tomorrow (February 6) that’s what Kari will demonstrate on the radio. On Steve Dale’s Pet Word, 6 am, 890-AM,

Also, Joseph Giannini of Urban Out Sitters talks about being romantic with your dog? Or their upcoming Cupid Party. Feb. 10, at an Urban Outsitters location, 729 W. Randolph St.. Joseph is right. Love me – Love my dog….So, this is a meet ‘n greet for PET LOVERS….or to-be lovers.