Double-Defense Against Heartworm


Mosquitoes spread disease to us and to dogs. And Dr. Mike Paul, who resides in the Caribbean, knows this very well. On my national radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, listen to Paul as he says, in dogs we’re concerned about potentially deadly heartworm, and a Double Defense protection (a product in addition to traditional heartworm preventive) makes sense.

Dr, Mike Paul

One mosquito is more likely to bite a dog multiple times compared to people. In part, that’s because dogs can not respond as we do with our hands to swat them away or kill them. Dogs scratch, but that’s ineffective to stop a bite. Also, it’s about where dogs go, into the bushes, etc. . . and their proximity to the ground. One dog can get dozens of bites compared to one or two bites to the person at the other end of the leash.  Vectra 3D stops the bite, which is an added defense against heartworm – and also the product deters fleas and ticks. So, no fleas, no ticks, no mosquitoes – a good deal.