Dr. Adam Santa Christman on Christmas Safety and Pets


Dr. Santa Christman, chief veterinary officer DVM360 offers various tips on the national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show on keeping pets safe over the howlidays as only he can.

He begins by explaining why if you have pets (especially curious young pets), keeping tinsel and string off the tree and even out of the house is a good idea.

Dr. Christman explains how to deter cats from climbing trees. And how to deter dogs from drinking whatever you may add to Christmas tree water.

Real candes just aren’t the best idea, if you like the look LED lights are a much safer way to go.

Potpourri is bad news if you happen to have a pet bird.

And Dr. Christman answers whether or not your pets should get a gift under the tree.

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Here are more tips on keeping pets safe at the howlidays.