Dr.Alexander, Preventing Dog Flu and Leptospirosis


Dr.Donna Alexander, administrator rabies control, chief veterinarian Cook County and I speak on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN radio about the canine influenza virus or dog flu. Listen HERE.

The dog flu has hit the Anti Cruelty society very hard, even halting dog adoptions. And it’s also at other shelters.

Dr. Alexander explains the history of dog flu in Chicago, and how – in fact, we are both a part of that history. Also, she speaks in detail about how the dog flu is spread.

If you’re dog is coughing – visit the veterinarian, so you vet can identify IF your dog has flu or not, and if so, what that strain of flu is.

We also about about a bacteria illness occurring a lot in Chicago, called leptospirosis.

In New York, just this past week, three people were diagnosed with lepto and one died. 

Dr. Alexander and I talk about prevention of both dog flu and lepto.