Dr. Bill Folger First Interview on the Cat Shooting Veterinarian


First on this edition of Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN radio, Listen HERE the group, the Washington’s sing their way into newsman Dave Schwaney’s heart.

I first talk baseball, and the Cubs winning the the NLCS with Schwaney and sportcaster Andy Mazur. Do the Indians or Cubs have better starting, since they both have great closures out of the bullpen. And we compare both teams – and talk about the game.

Finally we do talk pets with Dr. Bill Folger, who testified as an expert witness in the hearing to address Dr. Kristen Lindsey’s actions. Lindsey is the veterinarian who with a bow and arrow took aim, shot and killed a cat. Listen HERE to Dr Folger’s first public comments on this topic,

Ultimately the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners only revoked Lindsey’s license for one year (though she is mandated to be under probation for your years). Tiger, the cat Lindsey shot, belonged to neighbor Claire Johnson. In the hearing Folger revealed that Johnson supported forgiveness for Lindsey, and that affected the judge’s view.

Folger continues, “I don’t think the judgement was substantial enough.”

At first, it was thought Lindsey shot a feral cat – and Folger explains based on Texas law and his own ethics, it wouldn’t have mattered.

“I could not believe a colleague would kill a cat in a inhumane and barbaric manner; it’s beyond my comprehension,” Folger concludes.