Dr. Debbye Turner Bell on Faith and Why We Have Pets; Breed Specific Discrimination


Dr. Debbye Turner Bell, author Courageous Faith: A Lifelong Pursuit of Faith over Fear on WGN Radio HERE says that it seemed everyone told her you can’t be Miss America. She persevered and won Miss America, then the naysayers said you can’t go on to be a veterinarian. She had faith as well as persistence and discusses what faith really is.

Dr. Turner Bell offers her views as to why she thinks so many pets were adopted at the onset of the pandemic. She answers why she believes most people in the U.S. have a pet in the first place.

Animal Farm Foundation

Also, check out here as Stacey Coleman. executive director of the Animal Farm Foundation discusses breed discrimination without merit by landlords and insurance companies, and what you can do to make a difference.

Partly Cloudy and a Chance of Fish

Tom Skilling didn’t predict this one: It was raining fish.