Dr. Karen Overall on How We Can Create Aggression by the Way We Walk Dogs


Are we walking dogs correctly, and reading what they are telling us? On my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show, legendary veterinary behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall says “no” We force our dogs sometimes to be in situations which they have no choice, as other dogs they don’t know get into their space. And once something happens with one dog that dog may forever be concerned about meeting new dogs.

And (in part 2) sometimes when dogs meet at a dog park it can be hard to tell if it’s play or these dogs are darn serious.  And she discusses the differences between dogs who know one another and those who are strangers. She discusses which dog behavior is appropriate and which is not. She offers tips on what to look for before there’s a problem. Few teachers like Dr. Karen Overall. 76 percent of dogs react to other dogs, often because the other dog(s) may not know what’s expected as the signaling is unclear (according to one study).