Dr. Kim Kendall Cats Revealed


Cat veterinarian Dr. Kim Kendall of Sidney, Australia pops into the studio to answer your cat questions on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio, HERE. 

Dr. Kendall is the author of several books (one I wrote a foreword for).  In fact you can download a FREE copy HERE.  Check out Dr. Kendall’s Ebooks HERE.

Cat Revealed Kim KendallDr. Kendall says that dogs can lie, but cats are quite honest, always telling the truth.

Listeners/texters contact us on various topics:

  • “I rescued a kitten from a sewer, any advice?”
  • “Will my cat approve if I re-arrange my bedroom? ” How Feliway can help.
  • My cat is scooting its bum on the ground.
  • “My cat yowls overnight”
  • “My elderly cat sneezes white gunk frequently”