Dr. Marty Becker and Transformational Fear Free


On this version of the WGN Radio Petcast, Dr Marty Becker, who is the most influential veterinarian on the planet.

Listen HERE to the founder of the Fear Free initiative, which began as an effort to focus on the emotional well-being of pets solely during veterinary visits but the notion took off so quickly that it is now world-wide (117 countries), and also dog trainers, dog groomers and pet sitters are all certified as Fear Free.

Dr. Becker notes that prior to Fear Free, most pets – especially cats – are so afraid of veterinary visits they actually believe they are going to die, quite literally. Years ago, veterinary professionals were taught, ‘just get the job done.’ Dr. Becker says this emotional trauma doesn’t occur without repercussion, most certainly to pets, as well as to pet parents and to the veterinary team. No one is happy – and this extreme fear is unnecessary in the first place.

Veterinarians around the world, of course, keep pets’ medical records. Today, emotional records are kept as well – and Dr. Becker explains what that means.

Dr. Becker explains how he is working with Dr. Temple Grandin, and how she has made a difference and is a huge Fear Free proponent.

Dr. Becker talks about a new product called Bonqat, an oral medicine made for feline patients suffering from acute anxiety and fear during transport and veterinary visits.

A free website for pet parents offers lots of information about Fear Free and generally about dog and cat behavior.  Sometimes the subtle signs of fear, anxiety and stress are difficult to identify – which the website explains.