Dr. Marty Becker Just Returned from Near Ukraine Treating Pets’ Emotional Health


Dr. Marty Becker

He is often referred to as America’s Veterinarian, maybe World’s Veterinarian is a more apt moniker for Dr. Marty Becker who returned from Moldova and in Romania just across the river from Ukraine. “I just decided to go to see what I could do to help,” Dr Becker says.

On Steve Dale’s Other World, WGN Radio, listen as Dr. Becker describes it all as only he can.

We chat about the human animal bond – and about how people fled with whatever belongings, naturally their children and their pets. Dr.Becker tells the story of breeder coming across the border with 10 Jack Russell terriers, and was in her bare feet – she didn’t care so much about her own comfort as much as her dogs.

Dr. Becker’s been to 91 nations – and he talks about how this experience compares to nothing else because so many pets likely do have post traumatic stress disorder syndrome. How can they not? Dr.Becker is just the right person to talk about emotional well-being of animals, as he is the founder of Fear Free, which is all about minimizing fear, anxiety and stress in pets.

Learn more about minimizing fear, anxiety and stress in your own pets with this free resource: Fear Free Happy Homes.

Want to assist pets and people, here are several non-profit organizations:

American Veterinary Medical Foundation,

World Vets: International Aid for Animals

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