Dr. Sheldon Rubin On Demand, WLS-AM


What a discussion: Flea and heartworm control, getting dogs’ coats in good shape and getting dogs into physical condition for the summer, even what to do if there’s a pet emergency. Here’s a one-hour On Demand conversation with Chicago’s own Dr. Sheldon Rubin.

America doesn’t have James Herriot, but we do have Dr. Rubin.

There’s no doubt if you add up all the time on my shows and way before me, the legendary Wally Phillips – to guest shots on Bozo and Oprah to Regis Philbin to local TV – no veterinarian has done as much media throughout a career as Dr. Rubin.

Not only a great diagnostician and surgeon, he was and continues to be one of the greatest communicators ever in the veterinary community, and Dr. Ron DeHaven, executive vice president of the American Veterinary Medical Association said he agreed (Dr. DeHaven was a surprise guest).

Most of all, spend an hour eavesdropping on our conversation. Your pets will be better for it.