Dr. Shelly Rubin on Mosquitoes, Heartworm and More on WGN Radio


Whenever my time slot has changed at WGN radio or something happens – my first go-to guest, and the person has appeared over 22 years more on my shows than any other is Dr. Sheldon Rubin. So, for my first day in our new sparkling new studio, HEAR Dr. Shelly Rubin on WGN radio.

Dr. Rubin’s efforts to reach out to pet owners began long before me on WGN with legendary morning personality Wally Phillips, and continued through the likes of Oprah Winfrey. What was it like to be on Wally’s show so frequently?

We talk some about how the veterinary profession has changed, and newer initiatives like Cat Friendly Practices and Fear Free.

Are vaccine clinics are good thing? It seems it would be, but perhaps there are downsides.

We talk about the likely increase in leptospirosis, and why this disease may be deadly to dogs, and may even make people sick, and suggests vaccination – one too often overlooked.

Dr. Rubin describes some of the history of H3N2 strain of dog flu, which began Chicago. He points out that vaccination is the only way to really protect.

It turns out that due to all the rain, we might have a record number of mosquitoes – which means without protection, an increase in heartworm disease. Dr. Rubin offers a 101 class on what heartworm is, and why it’s deadly to dogs.

Few dogs like fireworks. You can do something to minimize pets’ fears and anxieties, Dr. Rubin offers some tips which includes using Adaptil, the pheromone product to begin lowering stress,  and I present far more in this story. We just ran out of time. There’s never enough time with Dr. Rubin.