Dr. Susan Little Honored by the Winn Feline Foundation


Presenting Dr. Susan Little with an award of appreciation on behalf of the Board of Directors and the Scientific Advisory Panel of the Winn Feline Foundation.  And you too can express your thanks…..keep reading…..

I recall when Dr. Susan Little first asked me to join the board of the Winn Feline Foundation, it was over pizza in Las Vegas at the Western Veterinary Conference. At that point, Winn had already accepted my idea of creating the Ricky Fund to raise money specifically to learn more about, and ultimately with the hope to treat the most common heart disease in cats. Indeed my cat Ricky – the famous piano playing cat – had succumbed to feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in 2002.

As President of Winn, Dr. Little, who was a cat breeder herself, enticed me to join the Board, where I still participate – and am honored to do so. For over 45 years Winn has been integral in supporting cat health studies that have resulting in better lives today for domestic cats in shelters, outdoors and most of all cats in homes. Under Dr. Little’s leadership Winn’s focus broadened. Not only has the Ricky Fund made a difference to help better understand heart disease, and possibly predict the disease in two breeds; the Bria Fund was launched 10 years ago to support learning more about feline infectious peritonitis. Today, for the first time, a window has opened to offer some cats with FIP hope.

I’ve watched as Dr. Little spoke at veterinary conferences in the U.S., and she has truly developed into a feline rock star  – traveling, on-tour, around the world making the planet a better place for cats. It seems she’s spoken to veterinarians everywhere, except maybe Antartica. In fact, she was the 2013 NAVC (North American Veterinary Conference) Small Animal Speaker of the Year. Her book “The Cat: Clinical Medicine and Management” couldn’t be more well received. It’s a ‘go to’ book for veterinary professionals regarding cat health.

Dr. Little’s contribution to cats, and specifically to the Winn Feline Foundation is undeniable. Winn Foundation longtime Board member Dr. Brian Holub called her one of the most influential names in feline medicine, ever – and he’s right.

Dr. Little has frequently said that she’s learned from me – I’m not sure what that might be…but I am sure that  I’ve learned from her, and continue to – and I don’t only mean about cats.

Currently she is the President of American Association of Feline Practitioners.

Indeed Dr. Little has resigned her place on the Board of Directors of the Winn Feline Foundations…but isn’t leaving Winn as she continues to direct the organization’s social media and also the Scientific Advisory Panel. I was honored to present this award to my friend Dr. Little.

And you too might want to make a contribution to thank her for more than one decade of her service to Winn and cat health.