Drug for FIP for Cats Could Help People


Dr. Dave Bruyette

A drug being considered at this moment for approval from the Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP occurs as a result of the feline corona virus) is now being investigated to help humans with COVID-19. This drug is known as GC376 and it can successfully treat cats with FIP, which had always been considered fatal. As I’ve reported a similar drug, called Remdesivir, was first thought about for FIP, and is today the first and – so far – only pharmaceutical approved by the FDA for treatment of COVID-19. I speak here on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show with Dr. Dave Bruyette, chief medical officer Anivive about all this.

This story wouldn’t have have happened without the Winn Feline Foundation, funder of cat health studies, supporting clinical trials several years ago for a drug just like Remdesivir with legendary researcher Dr. Niels Pedersen.

The compound Anivive is seeking to approve GC376 is incredibly similar to Remdesivir, except their mechanism of action is significantly different: GC376 is protease inhibitor and Remdesivir is a polymerase inhibitor.

The idea is that perhaps both these drugs, working in tandem with one another, could be the secret sauce for a better treatment for COVID-19 in people.

Meanwhile, what about cats? This is potentially exciting for people, but I asked Dr. Bruyette if this new interest could slow drug approval of GC375 for cats. Clearly, according to the clinical trials, GC376 does often cure FIP.

Anivive continues to develop a mid-stage therapeutic for FIP, which kills around  700,000 cats annually.  Anivive has repurposed GC376 to help combat COVID-19 while maintaining their commitment to bring the product to the veterinary market.

Anivive does a great job of telling the entire story HERE. And in so many ways, this is an one health story.