Earth Day 2020


The Earth, it seems, can can survive without us. We can’t survive without the earth. The is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Around the world wildlife is appearing in nearly empty cities, from coyotes in downtown Chicago to Asian elephant wandering streets in urban areas in India, and a rare Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros even took a stroll on  street in Nepal. With cleaner air that you can see from space, and has been measured around the world, it’s proof positive (some suggest otherwise) that human activity matters. Let’s celebrate our planet and all life on earth. Sadly, I feel once human activity returns to normal, forests in Borneo will continue to be decimated for palm oil, destroying all its inhabitants including the reasonably few remaining orangutan (our great ape relatives)….and overfishing, trashing of plastic in our oceans and widespread pollution will ramp up all over again. And with all this, our planet will continue to warm.

Again, it’s been proof positive – when you give nature a break, a recovery can occur.  Happy Earth Day 2020.