Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs


If there are going to be Easter eggs, why not have the kids hide them for your pups – and you fill the eggs with a favorite dog treat. As long as this is safe for your dog (a dog who won’t ingest or chew on plastic eggs), this is the sort of enrichment that nearly all dogs enjoy. Make it all easy for geriatric dogs. They don’t know that you’re making the game easy, and it’s still great fun.

Of course, Easter eggs make no sense on several different levels. For starters rabbits don’t lay eggs as far as I know. Not sure what rabbits actually (from a religious perspective) have anything to do with Easter. HOWEVER, if you do decide on Easter eggs, why not make a game for dogs (or even cats or pet parrots).

And meanwhile, here’s a last minute reminder regarding the dangers of lilies when there are cats around.