Ecotourism Truly is an Answer


Ecotourism is the way to go if you REALLY want to save animals, not hunting them. I speak with Ged Caddick of Terra Incognita Ecotours. 

Listen HERE to my fascinating conversation on WGN Radio with Ged.

I mention that even Illinois public officials were outraged when Cecil the lion was killed, and some of those same officials voted for killing bobcat in Illinois. I say there’s no difference; we don’t have lion in Illinois but we do have bobcat (though not very many).

What Donald Trump’s sons did, shooting animals in Africa.

Caddick talks about one of many examples…how mountain gorillas are being saved SOLEY because of ecotourism, while poaching and habitat loss are negatively impacting the population of other great ape species. Ecotourism to see the mountain gorillas has saved (so far) this species and protected many other animals who live in the forest with them, and is HUGELY benefiting the people who live in Rwanda – an entire nation wins all because of mo mountain gorillas.