Ending Cat Declaw in British Columbia, Canada


One of the most well known and respected veterinarians on the planet, Dr. Margie Scherk, editor of the Journal of Feline Medicine & Surgery, began this petition to ban declaw in British Columbia, Canada. I don’t often pay attention to petitions (there are just too many of them), but when Dr. Scherk authors the petition…

For years now I’ve been saying declaw is an elective amputation, and who electively amputates a body part? We don’t need to do this; the practice is barbaric. Please stand up to help cats in British Columbia.

The city of Denver, Colorado, and the entire state of California have banned declaw, and the more states and provinces and municipalities on board the better, because banning may be the only way to end declaw.

If you want science, it’s there. Research shows that declawing can result in chronic pain (regardless of surgical method or pain management) as well as serious, long-term negative medical and behavioral consequences. Because of this, declaw may not prevent cats from being surrendered to shelters. In fact, it may actually cause cats to be given up.

The College of Veterinarians of British Columbia has the power to make this change by enacting a ban on declawing. Many veterinarians don’t declaw, and others want to stop performing the procedure, but having the support of a ban would make it so.

Please sign the petition and share this post. Declaws must end, and all voices matter.