Enriching Pet Environments; How Do You Know When to Euthanize on WGN Radio


Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Katherine (Kat) Pankratz explains HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio, what enrichment is and why for dogs and cats it’s so necessary for companion animals’ overall well-being.

Dr. Pankratz talks about taking a walk with your dog can be more enriching.

Enrichment may vary dependent on the breed.

And there’s a better way to feed dogs and cats, and she offers various explanations.  Dr. Pankratz says you can purchase food puzzles, and she explains how to make one out of household items.

She describes what cats require regarding enrichment environments, from hiding places to vertical spaces to opportunities to forage. Offer empty boxes, rotate where boxes (or toys) are.

Alternative ideas for keeping dogs busy indoors when it’s too hot outdoors from taking the pup on field trips to hide ‘n seek games.

Veterinary Social Worker

Taylor St. Onge talks HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio about her job as a veterinary social worker with the Premier Veterinary Group. Quality of life, including suicide, is a huge issue in the profession of veterinary medicine.

She explains that a part of her job is to help pet parents decide when it’s time to euthanize and also providing pet loss support for family members of all ages. What to tell children following a euthanasia? Should the child be present for the event? Should another pet or pets in the home be there? Should euthanasia be in the pet parents’ home?  How memorialize your pet that has passed on, and why? Should a human family member be there at the end of life?