Euthanasia: Knowing When It's Time To Say Goodbye to a Pet


End of life pet care – how do you know when it’s time? Listen HERE as Dr. Alice Villalobos talks about that topic on Steve Dale Dale’s Pet World.   She says when quality of life crashes, it’s time to look at a painless passing with a gift of euthanasia.

Here a some bullet points, the Villalobos Quality of Life Scale:

  • No hurt – no pain, being able to breathe properly
  • No hydration – pet should be drinking some
  • Hunger – pet is still eating
  • Hygiene – A pet still caring for him or herself
  • Happiness: What is life if it is not worth surviving – more than merely going on to go on.
  • Mobility: This is variable, but an animal, like a Great Pyrenees, that can’t move at all.
  • More good days still than bad days