EveryCat Health Foundation and Cures4Cats


Jackie Ott Jaakola

Jackie Ott Jaakola is the Executive Director of the EveryCat Health Foundation (formerly the Winn Feline Foundation) – if you have a cat, there’s no doubt that your cat is impacted every single day by cat health and behavior studies this non-profit has funded for well over 50 years. About everything we know about cats came from EveryCat.


Together, only Steve Dale’s Pet World national radio, we offer a handful of examples of ways which the EveryCat Health Foundation has made a difference. There’s a campaign right now to support further studies related to heart disease in cats, a very common cause of death.

I began the Ricky Fund to support us learning more about feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is the heart disease which kills the most cats, so many cats. I talk on this in a YouTube video presentation  about my piano playing cat – how he came to play the piano and a bit about heart disease in cats, and why I initiated the Ricky Fund.

Here, veterinary technician Kara Burns explains the relationship between nutrition and heart disease in cats in a YouTube video – what we know and what don’t know.

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