Everyone Grew Up Listening to Tommy Edwards, and the Folks He Hired


Tommy Edwards’ book title is perfect, I Grew Up Listening to You: Stories from Behind the Mic. 

Lujack and Edwards from a TV appearance on AM Chicago

HEAR my conversation with Tommy on my WGN Radio afternoon Steve Dale’s Other World show. It’s charming and delightful with little Snotnose Tommy.

We talk about Larry Lujack and how and why Tommy Edwards had “chemistry” with him, having to do with their friendship off the air.

We also get into Edwards head as a radio programmer. Read Tommy’s book to for more backstories about all this – but he explains here why he hired Bob Sirott, Steve King and Yvonne Daniels . He also talks about the brilliance of Fred Winston and John Landecker. Aside from talent, was there another secret to their success? He answers that question.

Bonus material

Hear a WGN podcast I hosted with Fred Winston.

Hear a conversation with John Landecker from my Sunday afternoon WGN Radio show.

Strictly personal: I don’t really get nervous interviewing Hollywood celebs. However, I did most totally feel the pressure talking in 2021 with Dr. Anthony Fauci and in 2019 and 2015 with Dr. Jane Goodall. Yet, somehow speaking with radio icons like Landecker, Winston and Edwards does make me nervous. I worked with and learned from many of these, and others, but Winston most closely – was like going to school. And that’s not to mention working with Roy Leonard, Bob Collins and Wally Phillips. Here’s the autograph I have hanging in my office, as only Lujack would sign from when I wan intern at WLS Radio, a junior in college. A part of my job became pulling funny stories from the wire regarding animals for Animal Stories. I went to the best broadcast school ever.