Famous Fido Celebration of Life; Cats Have a New Lease on Life


with Gloria Lissner

Gloria Lissner has been saving animals for 46 years with Famous Fido Rescue & Adoption Alliance, (3124 West Irving Park Road) which she is the founder.  Listen to my conversation HERE from WGN Radio, Steve Dale’s Pet World. Her stories, her passion and commitment grows with each passing year. Lissner says Famous Fido often takes animals that others simply will not and resources are needed to treat these animals for medical and/or behavioral conditions. Over the years, they’ve focused more and more on education providing help before people give up on their pets. Lissner explains how people are matched with animals now during pandemic.

Famous Fido cant do their annual fundraiser as they once did, so they’re holding a world-wide virtual event, Famous Fido Celebration of Life,  July 25 4 to 10 p,m. and can be watched live HERE on the Original Famous Fido YouTube page.

Lissner is correct to point out that we’re all in this together, all of us on the planet. The pandemic began due to a so-called wet market or animal market in China. Experts have warned that these places are a cesspool for a pandemic waiting to happen. What’s more, endangered species are involved, and horrifically – in places – even dogs. Discussion in this event will include everything from factor farming to protection of endangered species. I will partake, and so will performing artists and experts from around the globe.

Portalmania: A New Lease on Life for Shelter Cats

Dr. Sara Pizano, animal welfare strategist for Team Shelter USA and advisor for the Million Shelter Cat Challenge at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine announces HERE on WGN that they’ve saved about 2.5 million cats. Those crazy cat shelter folks are over-achievers!

Here’s a secret for shelter cats – elbow room, extra space which is provided by portals. By offering that space, a different place for the litter box and food/water – shelters have happier cats. Happier cats have less stress. And less stress means less disease, including feline upper respiratory infections. This all means lower shelter bills. And all this means more cats live to be adopted and adopted more quickly. WOW!

Being a coach for Team Shelter USA, it’s no surprise that with Dr. Kate Hurley of the University California, Davis and also from the vet school at the University of Florida, Dr. Julie Levy, Pizano is the author of a playbook, The Best Practice Playbook for Animal Shelters.

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Cats Help People with COVID-19

Being on the Board of Directors of the non-profit Winn Feline Foundation, I have known GC 376 a compound, like Remdesivir, which is, so far, the only drug approved for treatment of COVID-19. I have talked about both Remdesivir and GC 376 on WGN Radio because both drugs were first trialed in cats with feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), caused by the feline corona virus.

I speak HERE on WGN Radio with Dr. Dave Bruyette, chief medical officer Anivive Animal Health as he explains why GC 376 is expected to be approved for clinical trials for people with COVID.

Dr. Bruyette explains that while similar, the mode of action of Remdesivir and GC-376 are different – and the hope is that combined they could neutralize the novel SARS CoV-2 that causes COVID-19. In any case, Dr. Bruyette explains how all this will help cats with FIP.