Far Worse Than an NFL Star Fighting Dogs


Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart and his officers break up a dogfighting ring out of a Maywood daycare facility.

And I’m not talking ‘doggy daycare.’

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart with some of the pit bulls rescued from a Maywood day care center with Linda Estrada, head of Animal Welfare League, which is sheltering the dogs. (Scott Strazzante/Chicago Tribune)

I mention his officers because as great as the Sheriff is, he doesn’t investigate and executive alone. Congratulations to the entire department. Sheriff Dart understand ‘the link’ – exposed to violence at a young age, kids are more likely to become violent themselves. What’s more, wherever there is dogfighting there are always other crimes, and the community suffers.

This story demonstrates how pervasive dogfighting is.

I’m hoping to have the Sheriff on my WLS Radio show Saturday afternoon. If I can get him, what should I ask?

More photos of helpless dogs. People holler about Pit Bulls. Personally, I holler that they are victims of this violence too.