Fear Free and Healing Power of Pets with Dr. Marty Becker


I really believe that at this point in time Dr. Marty Becker is the most influential veterinarian on the  planet, and Dr. Liz Bales and myself talk to him about the healing power of pets, and ALL about Fear Free.

myself with Dr. Marty Becker and Dr. Liz Bales

Right now, at this time, we’re seeing the healing power of pets in action. That happens to be a name of a book Dr. Becker authored. We discuss how we do know more, and arguably care more about the healing power of dogs when compared to cats. Becker talks about why doctors might actually prescribe “get a dog.”

Beckers quotes a doctor friend of his from the Mayo Clinic, “Parts are an important part part of a very robust immune systems.”

Fear Free is an initiative to minimize fear, anxiety and stress of veterinary visits. The notion has totally taken off, as now most veterinary schools include Fear Free in their curriculum. Shelter workers and volunteers can partake in a free Fear Free shelter program, dog trainers and dog groomers can be certified. It’s crazy how this notion to paying attention to our pets’ emotional health has taken off.

Dr.Becker explains how he first thought attending to the emotional health of his patients in the first place – and who turned on that light bulb for him, so he no longer needs to “stretch out dogs into two zip codes” for an exam.

So how is Fear Free working right now during the pandemic?

For pet parents, there’s an amazing website, www.fearfreehappyhomes.com. – where there’s trusted content that’s reviewed by professionals before being published on the site.  One notion supported over and over on this site is enrichment – which I say shouldn’t be an option.

I mention a diet which Purina is releasing  a diet, Purina Pro Plan Live Clear, a 100% complete, nutritious and balanced dry cat food that has been shown to significantly reduce the allergens in cat hair which causes cat allergies. I explain what that is all about how now people who are allergic with cats can live with them – happily.