Fear Free to Hollywood Legend Ruta Lee


Why if you have a choice, a Fear Free veterinarian is the best choice, with Dr. Natalie Marks HERE on my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show.

Dr. Marks notes Fear Free is about safely traveling, anywhere from the vet office and back to a longer trip. Dr. Marks offers some Fear Free tips to reduce fear, anxiety and stress.

Even the way which veterinarians choose a vaccine may be under the guidance of Fear Free. One example is a low volume vaccine and providing multi-year protection, fewer injections and not as much in that injection with the same effectiveness, called the EDGE

A happy patient means a happy client, and a happy client means a happy pet – emotions in the exam room are contagious.

Learn more about the emotional health of your pet and a wide range of issues regarding companion animals (all edited by veterinary professionals) at FearFreeHappyHomes.com.

Turning A Life Around

It never occurred to him that this could happen to him, pet writer/blogger Robert Hudson’s house in an Oregon forest burnt down. No one was hurt, including his dog, but he lost everything. After living out of his car, he’s turned his life around with the pet product website:BusterAndDickens.com.

Ruta Lee: Actors and Others for Animals

Ruta Lee

Ruta Lee was in Funny Face with Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra’s leading gal in Sergeants Three and so many more as well as hundreds and hundreds of TV guest shots. She’s also a huge animal lover; she talks about her pets, and was there when Actors and Others for Animals began.

Her book, Consider Your Ass Kissed,  is a sort of gentle Hollywood kiss ‘n tell from the Golden Age, but also it’s about animals (hers and others).

Lee name drops a bit in this conversation, talking about everyone from Joanne Worley to Lucille Ball.

We talk about service dogs for returning veterans and the difference they make. I discuss this in a recent Petcast I host, and Lee discusses her work and the same lines with the non-profit Thalians which supports mental health for veterans.

We’re also introduced to Ruta’s menagerie.

Memorial Day and Military Working Dogs

I discuss military working dogs and what they do every day without fanfare. 

I offer advice on helping turtles cross roads.