Feliscratch to Solve or Prevent a Cat-Scratching Problem; Better Than Declaw


After a unanimous vote in Denver, they now have banned declawing cats. And, Denver follows the entire state of California.

Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Theresa DePorter explains what declawing is. This isn’t just a matter of clipping a cat’s claws like cutting your nails, it’s truly an amputation, and that’s what we continue to do to some of our cats.

But, you don’t have to think about declaw if your cat is scratching in all the right places, and DePorter says there’s a lot you can do to promote that, including:

  • Offer a desirable and sturdy scratching post that is about three to four feet tall, and usually sisal is the preferred covering.
  • Put the post where your cat likes to scratch.
  • Feliscratch is a product that attracts cats to vertical posts, and encourages them to scratch there, too! Only a pheromone (that cats deposit when they scratch), a blue mark on the post, and catnip do the job. And, it works!

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