Fetch Portraits and Halloween, Dealing with Pet Anxiety Over Halloween on WGN Radio


Jennifer Whaley of fetch portraits had a camera in one hand and a dog in another for a very long time.  She offers tips HERE on taking pictures of pets on Steve Dale’s Pet World Sunday morning show on WGN radio. If you want a photo with a Halloween backdrop, she has several locations – which are all scary amazing. After all, she knows how to photograph dogs with experience of over 10,000 dogs.

One trick: Don’t make sounds to get the dog’s attention through the entire shoot. The same sound or similar sounds will become really boring really fast. Instead, use various novel sounds. Whaley offers her example of her favorite, a high pitch squeal (which sounds a bit like a sick duck).

Preparing for Halloween Anxiety

Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Chris Pachel discusses HERE  on how to help dogs feel a bit less anxious over Halloween. Dr. Pachel says some of the costumes are intended to scare and only come out once a year, no wonder the pets may get scared, combined with the doorbell constantly ringing. The question is – what do you do about this issue? Pachel adds there is a “flight risk” of animals bolting through the constantly opening door.

He advises to keep pets behind a closed door in a basement, office or second bedroom for example. Turn on some relaxing classical music and distract by leaving out food puzzles or give your pet something else to do – all on Halloween. However, before the howliday is the time start with a nutraceutical, one with a proven ability to tone down anxiety, like Zylkene.

We also discuss whether or not you trick or treat with the dog(s).

Dog Wedding

In Villa Park, IL, Commission Chair Leslie Allison-Seei’s goal was to host the largest dog wedding ever. She says they needed 358 dogs (179 canine couples). I reveal whether they made the record or not.

Rescuing a Kangaroo

Also, a crazy kangaroo rescue story.